Begin your career with TEACH for an exciting career in the fashion industry...

Welcome to TEACH academy and thank you for your interest in not only us, but our profession.  It truly is a career that can take you all over, to glamorous cities and to meet wonderful and interesting people.  As a professional Hairstylist, you really own a “Passport to The World.”

Hairstylists have always been and always will be a necessary part of every one’s life.  So you will always be in a position to earn a good or great living.  

Click on and learn as much as you can about us, then call and set up an appointment to view the Academy and talk to our Personnel and students.  Check us out on Facebook as well.

TEACH Academy is an elite Academy that offers the best in education for your career.  Our enrollment is restricted in size to allow for maximum training.

TEACH was created by Christopher J. Rollins and Michael A. Criscoulo (see bio)

Our aim is to help you become the best hairstylist you can be.  With smaller classes, gifted instructors and curriculum second to none in an atmosphere that is professional.

Classes begin the first Monday of every other month starting January 2014

Students at TEACH are taught to gain the skills needed to achieve success in their lives and contribute to society by realizing their potential.