Course Outline: Cosmetology

Description: The cosmetology course is a 1500 clock hour program that includes 200 hours of theory an 1300 hours of clinical instruction in all areas of hair care and which follows the state curriculum. Attached.


Instructional Methods: Instruction is broken down into three areas,

practical, supervised practice, theory. Several methods of instruction are employed including lecture, demonstration, q & a, visual aids and individual instruction.


Theory: Included in the Cosmetology Program is 200 hours of theory.

Time is scheduled every week for theory classes for all students for the duration of the program.

Note: CT state law prohibits students from practicing on clients in the first 200 hours. This phase of the program consists of theory integrated with practice on mannequins.


Practical & Supervised Practice: Practical classes run for the entire length of the program. This includes demos and hands on classes. Also classes on resume writing and interviewing skills are part of this portion of the students training.

Supervised practice is part of each day as students practice on clients under the supervision of Instructors.


Goals & Objectives


 The Academy is a student oriented facility with the goal of having students graduate with confidence in coloring, cutting, styling and re-texturizing hair for today’s top salons. We work to combine each student’s unique talents and abilities with the core skills and knowledge in all phases of

Cosmetology to succeed. The Academy uses proven methods to achieve teaching effectiveness.

In addition The Academy provides training and instruction in the critical areas needed to gain employment. This includes:


  • Professionalism
  • Resume writing
  • Interviewing skills
  • Job search skills


Grading Procedures


The Academy uses a numerical grading system of 0- 100.  Anything below


70 is considered failing   F
70- 79  Poor  C
80-89   Good 
90-100 Excellent  A

 Students who do not achieve at least 70 % must re-take any written or practical test.