Our Curriculum

Our curriculum fulfills the requirements of those seeking a Connecticut State License in Hairdressing, Cosmetology and Barbering. This includes 1,500 hours of comprehensive instruction and training, both in and out of the classroom. Students can complete the course of study by attending full-time or part-time. (All classes are taught in English.) Availability is limited, so call today to enroll!


The first 200 hours of instruction are devoted to theoretical aspects related to the study of hairdressing and cosmetology.Classes include study and practical discussion to prepare for later, supervised practice. The remaining 1,300 hours will consist mainly of supervised, hands-on practice, although some practical and theoretical instruction is integrated as needed during this time.


To make sure that our students have an understanding of the knowledge and skills required to succeed in their new career, they also learn about the real world of the salon. Instruction in this area includes business management and motivation.


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