Leave of Absence Policy

(Revised  07-01-2016)

Students who may be absent for an extended period of time may request a Leave of Absence by contacting the Academy's Director and obtaining a Leave Of Absence form. The L.O.A must be requested in advance unless due to unforeseen circumstances such as a automobile accident or sudden illness. In such cases the L.O.A. start date will be the first day the student was unable to attend and the  school will document the reason for the L.O.A. until the student is able to make the request.

Once the form is filled out, including reason and signed by student, and returned to the Director he will approve or dis-approve the request. Their must be a reasonable expectation the student will return at the end of the L.O.A.

Students may be eligible for up to 180 days L.O.A. in a 12 month period. Upon return the graduation date will be adjusted by the exact number of days of the L.O.A.