Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Satisfactory Progress, Attendance


The maximum time a student is allowed to take to complete the course is 143% of the program length. Transfer hours that are accepted are counted as both attempted and completed hours for the purpose of determining when the allowable maximum time frame has been exhausted.  Students who exceed the maximum time frame loose Financial aid eligibility and may be terminated.  S.A.P. evaluations are based on the actual contracted hours at the institution. The Cosmetology program is a 1500 clock hour program therefore, in-completion, repetitions, and non-credit

Remedial courses have no effect on the satisfactory progress standards.

The schools minimum attendance policy requires 70% attendance to be making S.A.P. Students who do not maintain S.A.P. may be terminated.  Percentages for attendance are based on scheduled hours.


Satisfactory Progress, Academics


The following three factors are used to measure and determine academic satisfactory progress.


Cumulative practical grades

Cumulative theory grades

Cumulative clinic (laboratory) grades


Grading System

A 100-90, B 89 -80, C 79-70, F 69 or below


Student maintaining a 70% or above average in attendance and all three academic areas are to be considered making satisfactory academic progress until the next scheduled evaluation.


Procedure for Determining Progress.


The Director evaluates student progress at 450, 900, and 1200 actual hours.

A staff member reviews with the student a written S.A.P. which the students signs and is maintained in their file. Students may have a copy of the written S.A.P. upon request.

The Academy will notify the student, in person, of any S.A.P. evaluation that impacts his/her Financial Aid eligibility

The Academy will ensure, at each S.A.P. point, that a student will be able to make S.A.P. requirements by a specific point within the maximum timeframe established for each individual student, prior to formulating an Academic plan.

Any student not making satisfactory progress at these points will be placed on written Financial Aid warning until the next satisfactory progress point.

While on warning students are considered to be making satisfactory progress and eligible for Title IV and funds may be dispersed.

If a Student on warning has not achieved the grades and attendance required to be making satisfactory progress at the next satisfactory progress point, the student will be terminated from all Title IV programs and may be terminated from the school unless they appeal.

Students may appeal on the basis of injury, death in the family or other special circumstances. A form will be provided to the student on which the reason for failure to make SAP must be explained and also why the student believes conditions have changed that will allow the student to make Sap by the next evaluation point.

  The Director will review the form and determine if the appeal will be granted. If the appeal is not granted the student will lose Title IV eligibility and may be terminated from The Academy.

  If the appeal is accepted and the Director determines the student can make SAP by the next period, the student will be placed on probation for one period with no Academic plan. If it is determined that more than one period will be necessary for the student to achieve SAP, An academic plan will be created.

 The Director will conduct an unofficial review the student’s progress monthly. If at the end of one period ( 450, 900, 1200 hours) it is determined that sufficient progress has been made to allow the student to make Sap by the next period (450, 900, 1200 hours) the student will remain eligible for Title IV funds even if the student is not yet making SAP.  If it is determined that SAP is no longer attainable the student will lose eligibility.


Students, who at the end of the probationary period, have improved their averages in all areas mentioned above to 70%, will be considered to be making satisfactory progress at the end of a probationary period will be considered to be in good standing and removed from probation. Students who do not make SAP at the end of a probationary period will lose Title IV eligibility with the exception described above and may be terminated.


Appeal Procedure


 The student must appeal to the school Director, in writing, within 3 business days of  being notified of  lose of Title IV, using the form provided.  The student should include any documentation that would provide evidence to support a finding that the probation should be granted.  All documents concerning the appeal and the determination are kept in the students file.


A decision will be made within 3 business days by the school Director. The decision will be given to the student in writing and will be final.


Leave of Absence Policy


Students who have an official interruption of training including a leave of absence will return with the same satisfactory progress status as when the interruption commenced.  L.O.A. extends the contract maximum time frame and contract period by the same number of days as the L.O.A.


Student Withdrawal


A student who withdraws from a contracted course or fails to complete the training will have a notice placed in their file stating the status at the time of withdrawal.  If a student re enrolls within180 days of withdrawal they will re-enter with the same status they had when the withdrawal occurred